Transform your relationship with food, your body and yourself

Tired of Dieting?

Does your heart sink every time you put yourself on another diet? Does it sink even deeper when you break it? Does your diet start tomorrow a hundred times over? Are you always looking for the next diet that will change your life?

Feel uncomfortable in your own body?

What emotions do you feel towards your body? Do you feel fully alive? Do you feel like you are on the outside of life looking in? Do you feel numb? Do you impulsively move towards distractions such as TV, Phone, food, overworking etc? Finding it hard to be present inside of your body?

Life feels like an internal power struggle?

Do you want to do things and then find you never get round to them? Are you constantly judging and evaluating yourself? Does it seem to you that your head and your body are pulling in opposite directions? Do you hate parts of yourself? Do you feel heavy and lethargic?

Want to feel good inside your own skin?

Want to feel internally connected and joyful?

Want to feel energised and free?

Feeling good inside your own skin starts here, now.

In his two day seminar you will learn;

How to identify and understand the internal states of your body.

Below I am talking in terms of food, but what is true of food is true of all things, please feel free to replace food with money, relationships, self-care etc, power struggle and Harmony are the states we move between in all areas of our lives and the same rules apply in all places.

Your body has two modes that it operates in:

Power struggle –telling yourself what you should eat, when you should eat it and how much you should eat. Speaking to yourself unkindly about food or eating. Putting yourself on a diet.

Acting on limiting beliefs around food such as; I have to finish whats on my plate, my diet starts tomorrow so make the most of today, I would eat the world if you would let me, if I don’t eat it today Its gone tomorrow, food is a reward, food is a punishment, I cant be trusted with food, food is my enemy.

power struggle says, ‘its either you or me who gets to win, either I stick to the diet or I stay fat.’
Eating what I want and feeling good inside my body is not an option.

Harmony – knowing when you are hungry – hearing the body ques and acting accordingly – differentiating the different kinds of hungers, giving yourself the food that you want, if its something other then food you want giving that to yourself too, the food you want is strengthening food, enjoying it, staying present whilst eating, chewing well, stopping when you have had enough – eating next time when you feel hungry – noticing what your limiting beliefs are and releasing yourself from there grip

When you go on a diet you are sending yourself an implicit message that you are not enough. That you need to be kicked into shape and that you are out of control. This automatically puts your body into starvation/scarcity mode, power struggle, stress and running on will power, which is a very limited source of energy.

Its not possible to run on will power for very long, Scarcity automatically creates a very physical reaction in our bodies known as fight flight and freeze mode.

This results in Inflammation, degeneration of DNA, acidity in the blood, cant turn fat into energy, crave sugar, digestive system is compromised , hormonal imbalance, and it triggers the bodies response to ‘store for the winter’ which is why after being on a diet for some time you platou and you stop loosing, then gain very quickly when you go off.

At this seminar we will teach you how to recognise what mode you are in, and how to shift from one state to the other.

You will learn how to reset your internal subconscious thermostat

Have you ever noticed that you seem to have a certain status quo that you keep going back to. A weight or size you keep coming back to, sometimes you gain and sometimes you loose but you end up in that familiar place sooner or later. This works with all areas of life, how much money you make, the types of relationships you have, the types of results you have.

However much you may want change, it seems somehow to allude you. This has to do with the subconscious thermostat/ image that we hold of ourselves and the subconscious expectations that we have around it.

We Will teach you how to Reset the thermostat and create a new image and expectation that when put in place effectively will create long lasting change.

You will learn how to hear what your body needs and deeply nourish it, with abundance, quality and precision.

We have many types of hunger, hunger can be for food, for fun, for love and connection, for meaning and purpose, for pleasure, for nutrients or hydration, for creativity, for self expression, for change - you get the picture.

We sometimes confuse these hungers and we sometimes try to use food to fill hungers that are nothing to do with food. This leaves us feeling like a bottomless pit, we never quite hit the spot, the hunger keeps coming back.

Every craving we have is here to tell us vital information about what our bodies need. You will learn how to deconstruct cravings, how to meet your bodies nutritional needs as well as all the other needs listed above.

You will learn how to expand your window of tolerance so that you can relax into feeling Joy and aliveness.

You cant get this wrong, the obstetrical is the way, wherever you are on your journey, this seminar will give you tools and practice in deepening your experience of life and connection with yourself.

Our two day seminars will run on a regular basis in London. They will be held on a Tuesday and Wednesday, from 10am-3.30pm. To find out when and where the next one will be, please…


My Story

As teenagers do, I had a competition with some friends; it was ‘who can lose the most weight in a week.’ I had never dieted to lose weight before and I thought it would be easy, I thought it would win me admiration from my friends and as a teenager friendships were my whole world. I read the back of the cereal box which said that an average woman should eat 2000 calories a day and so I figured if I eat 1000 than I will lose weight. I started reading the nutritious information on everything I ate and calculating calories in my head, I would plan my day ahead, what I would eat, what time and how much. After a week I weighed myself in the pharmacy that was across from my school and took the little slip of paper into school to show my friends.

I had won the completion.

Everyone around me started noticing and making comments, ‘you look so good,’ ‘you lost so much weight,’

I couldn’t stop now, I couldn’t go back to eating normally now, I was afraid of gaining it all back and I was afraid of the words, ‘you put on weight’

So I was trapped in a prison of calorie counting, obsessively exercising 2 hours a day, and thinking about food nonstop.

I won’t go into details about what happened next when the school, my parents and other people in my life noticed, the worry and the concern from them made me feel extra afraid and more concerned than ever about hiding the crazy madness I was living.

I started waking up at 5 in the morning to get my exercise done if I knew I had a busy day ahead, I would count and recount things in my head over and over again and I would have to make up even 1 minute of lost time or 5 extra calories by supplementing the next day.

I became very lonely and disconnected from the people around me. I stopped socialising, I changed schools and I purposely didn’t make new friends.

I started to binge.

Once in a very long while at first.

And when it happened I felt so awful, physically, mentally and emotionally. I can only describe the experience as being naked and chained up with barbed wire so that I could not even move one muscle. I would starve myself for the next few days to make up for it and only then when I saw I had control back, and my stomach was flat again, I started feeling a little better.

Then it started happening more and more frequently, until it was happening every day sometimes, and at best 3 or 4 times a week. I punished, bullies, shamed and threatened myself into submission but I was unsuccessful I failed again and again to stop the cycle. I was like a person possessed.

Now no one was worried about me anymore, with a sign of relief people saw I had gained weight, and thought, great; she has stopped with her silly nonsense. She has grown out of it.

Only now I was really alone. I was so ashamed I could never talk to anyone about it. Not a soul knew.

I was on my own and in desperate need of help.

I tried every diet, thinking that if only I could stick to one and lose some weight my problem would be solved, only to break it with another binge.

I tried therapists, medication, self-help of ever kind, kinesiology, energy work, shiatsu, acupuncture… you name it, I tried it.

Nothing helped

Until I read Geneen Roth’s book

When you eat out of a refrigerator pull up a chair.

The book changed my whole perspective on food. After reading her book, for the first time in years, I went food shopping and I told myself I could eat anything I wanted. I would buy any food, not just the low calorie or diet foods that I was eating with the diet flavour of the day. I walked up and down the aisles of the shop and for the first time it struck me that there were actually foods I liked and foods I didn’t like. Until then I was either on a diet and so I ate what was planned ahead of time or I was on a binge and I ate whatever was available. I never knew there were foods I liked more than others. After spending some time in the shop I decided on a bag of cookies that I had always like the look of, I bought it and went home.

I sat down on my bed and opened the cookie bag I took a cookie and ate it slowly, I tasted every bite, thought about the flavour and texture as I was eating, notices if I liked the taste, and how I felt when I was eating it. I paused, breathed and relaxed as I ate and when I was done I knew I had had enough, I did not need another cookie. I closed the bag with the promise to myself that I would eat another one as soon as my body asked and put them on the shelf. That was the first time in all these years that I had eaten one cookie and then happily put the cookie bag away without feeling the deprivation or the need for more.

Half an hour later I wanted another and so I repeated the process. By the end of the day I had eaten half of the bag and I felt good, dignity intact. I had not eaten 8 bags (which I easily could have done and still been left looking for more) and I was not left with feeling so sick, shameful and helpless all at the same time.

I finally felt free! For the first time I understood how someone could eat one cookie and not finish the bag or two or three. I was finally free, I had done it!

The next two years were a struggle of two steps forward and one step back.

I now knew the path and direction I needed to go in, but whenever I felt stressed, alone or ashamed I found myself reverting to my old ways of being, I had lots of cravings and a set image in my head of how I needed to look and I found myself falling into the abyss sometimes still.

And then I was pregnant with my first child. I came out with red blotchy spots all over my body that were itchy and awful. The doctor told me this was normal for pregnancy and said it will go away after you give birth. I was only 4 months along and was sure there was a better way! I was not going to live the next 5 months like this. My first port of call was my old family friend who happened to be around at the time and I asked her what I can do. She taught me more about healing food and what to add in to my diet, what to stay away from.

In 3 days my skin had completely cleared.

I was hooked, I wanted to know more.

I read the book ‘healing with wholefood’ by Paul Pitchford

This book gave me a firm grounding in the knowledge I was looking for, I read it cover to cover. I started making small changes in the food I bought and cooked with. I started eating more nutritionally dense foods.

I started by replacing things I bought anyway with better quality versions, such as: regular cooking oil, to unrefined cold pressed oil, regular vinegar to naturally fermented high quality brown rice vinegar, table salt was swapped for unrefined sea salt etc

My cravings disappeared

I stopped all binging

My last ever binge was during the pregnancy of my first child

Now I laugh and I feel relief when I think to myself that I have over eaten (which nowadays means I ate 3 cookies instead of 1 - I mean single cookies not bags of them)

When I am stressed my natural instinct is to still turn to food.

My journey since, has taught me how to face my stress and feel my pain instead of numbing it with my drug of choice (food).

I have learned that:

You can’t choose which feelings you numb and which you don’t. If you choose to numb pain you automatically numb joy too.Joy, gratitude and love are really all sides to the same emotion and they are all felt when a person is really present. Presence is what is needed for human connection. You cannot be truly present in your life or with the people in your life that you love, if you are numbing your pain.

It is not possible to live a life without pain. Pain is growth waiting to happen and therefor it is something to be grateful for.

Life is full of the tension of opposites, wherever there is an end there is also a beginning, whenever you say no to something you simultaneously say yes to something else.

A person has the capacity to feel two contradictory emotions simultaneously, pain and joy/gratitude. I hear people often saying I don’t know why I am so upset I should be happy that…. We have the capacity to feel sad and happy at the same time. There is no need to choose one over the other.

A good example of this is childbirth, the pain is not less real because of the joy of the baby’s imminent arrival. The pain is painful and the joy is joyful.

Life is one long processes of giving birth to ourselves, who we are in the present and who we will become.