An oasis in time and place, The spice of life retreat was a rejuvenating and revitalizing mind and body experience. I find that even now , months later I draw nourishment from all the different aspects of it ,including the wisdom from Devori’s classes and memories of the enriching physical and spiritual moments....such as the rolling greens and fox filled hills ...a house full of light, charm and the Cosiest corners for deep meaningful conversations, singing in harmony , dancing to express our souls , opportunities for deep bellyaching laughter and strengthening , healing and deliciously satisfying Food. Above all we were each gifted with a unified tapestry of our own processes interwoven with all the gifts of friendship and wisdom that each woman there possessed and freely shared with each other .... something we will all benefit from for the rest of our lives....
— Chavi Epstein - South Carolina

The spice of life retreats creates a loving community that focuses on emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing in a relaxed way. Attending the retreats gives me the rare opportunity to recharge my batteries in a fun and engaging way. Without hesitation, I can say that Devori’s input has changed my life, eradicated symptoms of a chronic health condition and helped me on my journey to become a healthier, happier and more fulfilled person.

— Anonymous, London

Going on The spice of life retreat was like stepping into another world, where stress didn’t exist. Everything and everyone supported my health and comfort and indulged my senses. The house was cosy and bright, surrounded by beautiful grounds and sea views, the food held an explosion of tastes and textures, the activities brought out the joy, peace, playfulness and wisdom innate in all of us, and the women reminded me what support, acceptance and community can do to help a person flourish.
We were all different ages and levels of religious, and that just added to the beauty!
I attended the retreat in the summer and winter and both were very different.
The food and activities were in harmony with the seasons, and for once, My body and soul felt completely in tune with nature and with my higher self.
I came away refreshed and inspired both times. Thank you Devori for making it possible!

— Yakira – Manchester

I had no idea of what to expect before coming on the retreat. I knew I wanted a holiday that included healthy eating. I was also sure I couldn’t come to the next retreat in June.
suffice it to say, that my first spice of life retreat was an indescribable experience. I learnt and explored, experienced and FELT so much in such a short time.
There was such an abundance of bright, colourful, joyful avenues to explore and they all led me to express and feel emotions in a way that was simultaneously healing and building.
The strong friendships that I built with other likeminded women was an additional treat that I took home with me.
I am not the same person I was before the retreat. I see myself and life in different hues. I am so grateful to have had the experience and can’t help waiting with anticipation the next one!

— S.W, London

The retreats are an opportunity to have a life changing adventure and meet Jewish women of different ages and backgrounds.
We laugh so much together and share our stories and come home with different approaches to our own wellbeing including laughter and dance.
Just thinking about the retreats makes me smile, it is an opportunity to make friends in a fun-loving playful environment which is very deep and beautiful.

— M.R, London